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Interfyl Treatment


Dr. James M. Cottom of Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center is proud to offer to his Regenerative Medicine Portfolio the Commercial Introduction of Interfyl Connective Tissue Matrix.

Interfyl is a connective tissue extracellular matrix derived from human placental tissue collected following healthy full-term pregnancies and offered by Alliqua in both particulate and flowable forms. In these forms, Interfyl can be used to fill voids and correct defects in soft tissue, providing mechanical and structural support to facilitate the tissue repair process. This is ideal for chronic soft tissue issues such as tendon pathology, plantar fascia pain, joint pain and ligament damage.

“Interfyl could be a significant game changer in extremity surgery and office based treatments,” said James M. Cottom, DPM, FACFAS of Sarasota, FL.  “For the foot and ankle surgeon, Interfyl has a great balance of easy handling characteristics and a diverse indication for use. I am not aware of any other product in the regenerative healing space that can support deficient connective tissue when we repair tendons or ligaments with such ease, while still being applicable to treat chronic overuse conditions in the office setting.  In my experience in both the operative and office settings, supplementing damaged connective tissue with the healthy extracellular matrix of Interfyl led to support of healing processes in a variety of lower extremity pathologies, resulting in a decrease of signs and symptoms of inflammation. These factors give us a product that should benefit the patient, surgeon, and surgical facility all at the same time.”

This cutting edge technology is available in the office setting. For more information, please contact us.

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