Investing in New Technology That Allows Patients Same-Day Outpatient Diagnosis and Treatment

Sarasota, FL.  3-5-21.

 Dr. James M Cottom and Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center has invested in a new arthroscopic technology that allows patients to have same-day diagnosis and minimally invasive surgery.

Surgeons at the facility are using the NanoScope™ visualization system. A needle-sized, 1.9 mm chip-on-the-tip scope inserted under local anesthesia. It aids in diagnosing conditions such as arthritis and cartilage injuries, and can even facilitate orthopedic or endoscopic procedures in joints such as the shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist and ankle.

Dr. Cottom performed the first NanoScope procedure in October 2019 on a professional baseball player. The NanoScope allowed Dr. Cottom to visualize and repair a torn plantar fascia in the office.

“We are excited to use this new platform, which not only facilitates the most innovative treatments for our patients, but also allows them to be a partner in their own medical care,” said Dr. Cottom. “With the NanoScope, we can show our patients real-time images of their pathology and act quickly and precisely to address joint issues that impact their quality of life without having to wait for an MRI or operating room.”

The NanoScope™ visualization system, developed and manufactured by Arthrex, combines leading-edge technology in imaging sensors, LED light, and image management to allow surgeons to perform minimally invasive arthroscopy and guide injections in tighter joint spaces which have previously been difficult to visualize. The NanoScope system allows for high-resolution visualization in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia.

Patients who meet the criteria for the use of technology may receive treatment for debridement for cartilage repair procedures; debridement of foot and ankle arthritis; Achilles, peroneal and posterior tibial tendon debridement; and biologic augmentation of joints and tendons using platelet rich plasma and other regenerative augments.

“Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center has long been a leader in using innovative techniques to deliver the most advanced care to our patients to improve their experience and outcomes,” said Dr. Cottom “This technology allows us to continue to treat our patients better.”

 NanoScope Images

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