FLOFAC Published on Total Ankle and Age Outcomes

Traditionally, total ankle replacement has been reserved for elderly patients with low physical demands. With nearly 80% of end-stage ankle arthritis being secondary to prior trauma, patients may require a replacement at a much younger rate than primary hi

Jul 20th, 2020
Foot pain ruining your golf swing?

The barrier to a perfect golf swing could lie in your big toe. Or your heel. Or on the ball of your foot. Dr. James M. Cottom, DPM, FACFAS, a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS), says these are the three areas of your feet mos

Apr 23rd, 2020
Rare Diabetes Foot Complication Becoming More Common In The U.S.

As diabetes rates soar nationwide, a Sarasota, FL foot and ankle surgeon says he’s seeing more patients with a rare diabetic foot complication. The condition is called Charcot foot (pronounced SHAR-co). Foot and ankle surgeon Dr. James M. Cottom, DPM, FAC

Apr 11th, 2018
Five Signs Your Child May Have a Foot Problem

Foot and ankle problems in children often go unnoticed. Signs and symptoms can be subtle, and sometimes children can’t explain what’s wrong. But it’s important to protect growing feet and have problems checked out early. Dr. James M. Cottom, DPM, FACFAS,

Apr 1st, 2018
Going Barefoot? Beware!

Tips for a safer barefoot season in Florida Parents and families can prevent cuts, puncture wounds and other injuries from going barefoot by following some simple recommendations from one Sarasota, FL foot and ankle surgeon. “Shoes are the best way to pro

Feb 20th, 2018
Foot Pain? You May Have Diabetes

Do you ever feel burning, tingling or numbness in your feet and toes? A Sarasota, FL foot and ankle surgeon warns against ignoring those symptoms. They could be a warning sign of diabetes. Dr. James M. Cottom, DPM, FACFAS, of Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ank

Feb 7th, 2018
Heel Pain in Youth Athletes: A Warning Sign

ndoors and outdoors, youth athletes stay active year-round in competitive sports, and for many of them heel pain has become “just another part of the game.” Foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. James M. Cottom DPM, FACFAS of Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center,

Jan 30th, 2018
Is Your Foot or Ankle Fracture an Early Sign of Osteoporosis?

Unexplained foot and ankle fractures may be the first sign of osteoporosis, a bone thinning disease which affects over 28 million Americans and accounts for 1.5 million bone fractures a year. According to Sarasota, FL foot and ankle surgeon Dr. James M.

Jan 25th, 2018
Check Pain Management Off Your List of Foot Surgery Worries

With any surgery comes reasonable concerns. Depending on the person, your mind could start racing anywhere from the seriousness of your condition, to the procedure itself, to out-of-pocket costs or the required downtime. However, when it comes to foot and

Jan 10th, 2018
Keep Your Feet Safe at the Gym in the New Year

In the New Year, don’t forget to keep your feet in tip-top shape while following through with your resolutions to get fit. Sarasota, FL foot and ankle surgeon Dr. James M. Cottom DPM, FACFAS of Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center, offers tips for foot s

Nov 27th, 2017
Golfers: Don’t Be Handicapped With Foot Pain

As millions of avid golfers get ready for another season of pars and bogeys, they should be aware of potentially serious foot problems that can result from years of playing the game. Although golf is not considered a rigorous sport, the physical act of re

Nov 23rd, 2017
Common Runners’ Injury: Stress Fractures of the Foot

Stress fractures of the foot are becoming more common in runners, especially first-time marathoners, according to Sarasota, FL foot and ankle surgeon Dr. James M. Cottom, DPM, FACFAS of Florida Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center. The growing popularity of mar

Nov 21st, 2017
Don’t Ignore Flat Feet

Treatment and prevention of adult flatfoot can reduce the incidence of additional foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes, arthritis and calluses, and improve a person’s overall health, according to research published in an issue of the Journal of Foot &

Oct 18th, 2017
Faster Recovery from Achilles Tendon Issues

Many Achilles tendon surgery patients in the United States are getting back on their feet faster, thanks to new procedures and techniques. James M. Cottom, DPM, FACFAS, a foot and ankle surgeon with offices in Sarasota and Arcadia, FL, says the introducti

Oct 17th, 2017
Old Ankle Sprains Come Back To Haunt Baby Boomers

A Sarasota, FL foot and ankle surgeon has a message for Baby Boomers getting back into fitness and sports: Get your ankles checked for chronic instability caused by injuries that might not have healed properly years ago. Dr. James M. Cottom DPM, FACFAS of

Sep 29th, 2017
Ultrasound Guided Injections can be performed in the office

Dr. Cottom is able to provide injection treatment in the office with use of an ultrasound machine. The machine is a quick non-painful way for the doctor to identify the very small joints in the foot. Once the joints are found, an injection can be perform

Apr 6th, 2016